From only 3,821 residents in 1903, the population had grown almost four (4) times after 15 years. In 1939, the municipality’s population increased by 22,545 persons compared to the census count of 12,810 persons in 1918.


In 1960, Katipunan is sheltered a total number of 19,899 population. By 1970, the municipality’s number of people managed to grow by 1.49% or an increase of 6,826 people. It was in 2000 that there was abrupt decline of less than one percent. From 1990 to 2010,   the population increase has consistently surpassed projections made during the period (Figure 1).


Migration is a major factor in this high population increase due to the comparative advantage of the municipality in terms of its vibrantly growing agriculture including the emergence of the ecotourism areas. In 2010, the municipality had registered an increase of 2.29% or 2,843 persons compared with the 40,496 persons recorded in the 2007 Census of Population.



The total estimated population for 2016 is 46,262 persons comprising men, women and children of Katipunan.  For 2017, the population is estimated at 46,953.  Males comprise 52% or about or 24,418 for the current year, while females comprise some 48% or 22,535 in present numbers.