Tourism resources in the municipality  are classified into two: natural and indigenous characteristics of the area that form its core tourism potential; and  attractions, activities and facilities needed to draw, entertain and accommodate tourists in the area. These tourist destinations includes  the following tourist sites.

  • Subanen Village and Morias Falls at Miatan. A 6-hectare area which is the site of the proposed Subanen habitation. One can hike for about one kilometer from the village before reaching Morias Falls, a picturesque panorama of natural surroundings. One can swim near the falls free of charge.
  • Ikogan Cave. One of the best caves for the enjoyment like the outdoor activityor for physical exercise, as well as original exploration for adventure located at Brgy. Sanao.
  • Subanen Tribal Hall at Poblacion Plaza. The Tribal Hall found at the center of Katipunan is a tribute to the Subanens who comprise roughly 35% of the total population of Katipunan. They are the original inhabitants of the hinterland or upland communities. About 14,939 Subanens are distributed in the 10 barangays of Katipunan, namely: Balok, Bulawan, Carupay, Dabiak, Fimagas, Malasay, Miatan, Seres, Seroan and Sitog. The uniquely designed Tribal hall is a must see in Katipunan.
  • Rizal Farm (Rizal’s old house with marker). Located at Barangay Dr. Jose Rizal. The historic site is where the national hero has spent his pastime as he was in exile in Dapitan. Jose Rizal owned a 42-hectare farm from his payment as services to patients, since he was a doctor and an ophthalmologist.
  • Alano Beach Resort in Barangay Uno. One of the best beach resorts found in Katipunan.
  • Tiu Beach Resort in Barangay Uno. It is an attraction for beach lovers who want to take a dip in the seawaters of Katipunan.
  • Tallest Rizal Monument at Poblacion Plaza. This is considered as the tallest monument of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and the symbol of Inang Bayan or mother country in the province.
  • Old Church and Ancestral Homes. May be seen within the town center of Katipunan.