For Katipunan, its average annual population growth rate of 2.29% from 2007 to 2010 is relatively higher  than the national growth rate of 1.9% (Figure 9).

In 2011, estimated households and population for Katipunan is 10,310 and 44,331 respectively.   With the 2.29% population growth rate, the municipality’s population and number of household in 2020 are estimated to reach at 49,099 and 10,592 respectively .With the current growth rate, the population is expected to double in 26 years from now. With the young population of the municipality, the momentum of population growth is expected to translate in continuing population growth in the coming years; hence, there is a need to provide reproductive health services in public health facilities for families who may wish to avail of them.


Projected Population Based on 2015 Census