Population density is reflected in the distribution of population in the different barangays.  For Katipunan, the estimated density per hectare is 1.71 persons, which shows a relatively larger space that could still be enjoyed by many persons in the town.

Barangay Uno has the highest density at 13.38 persons per hectare, since this is part of the Poblacion, the highly populated and commercial part of Katipunan.  This is followed by Barangay Dos at 6.84 (also a part of Poblacion); then San Antonio, a coastal fishing village near the national highway.  Population density marks the fast growth of urban-based barangays in contrast to the rural barangays, pointing to a relatively fast in-migration of peoples from the hinterland to the coastal lowland communities.

The Municipality of Katipunan recorded the highest population density with 1.78 persons/ hectare in 2010 census. This is 7% higher than in 2007. Most of the densely populated areas in the municipality are found along the coast, concentrated along the national highways and along the major corridors. The barangays of Uno and Dos which are the municipality’s urban areas showed a relatively high population density with 12.85 and 7.19 persons per hectare respectively. This is an affirmation of highest density settlements among these growth urban centers in the municipality. Increases in densities are also noticeable in the barangays of San Antonio, San Vicente, New Tambo and Tuburan. While the Municipality of Katipunan showed a rapid increase in population during previous and current censuses, it cannot be reflected as a high density municipality because of its large area coverage (Figure 6) and (Map 13-15).