Mineral exploration and development has been considered by the national government as one of the top priority areas of development because of its potential to bring economy into a more robust state and alleviate poverty in the rural areas. The issuance of Executive Order (EO) 270 series of 2004 gives mandate to the promotion of responsible exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources.


The municipality has an abundant supply of mineral deposits. The existence of Gold, Chromites and minerals makes Katipunan one of the most naturally resource-endowed towns in Zamboanga del Norte. Preliminary reports show that chromite deposits are found in the upland communities of Dabiak, Sitog, Seres, and Seroan. Gold, a highly prized metal can be found in Barangays Fimagas, Malasay, Carupay, and Dabiak. Most of these communities are predominantly populated by Subanen indigenous peoples.