1.Procurement of Drugs & MedicineAPR # 300-20-03-210JTC Drugstore & DistributorP 221,030.00Download
2.Procurement of Common CommoditiesAPR # 300-20-03-212Villaflores EnterprisesP 1,578,750.00Download
3.Procurement of Power SprayerAPR # 300-20-03-209Pages EnterprisesP 20,000.00Download
4.Procurement of ChlorineAPR # 300-20-03-216Pages EnterprisesP 16,500.00Download
1.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 300-20-04-2493A Rice & Corn MillP 350,000.00Download
2.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 300-20-04-245Bluedragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 168,790.00Download
3.Procurement of MaterialsAPR # 300-20-04-254Bluedragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 48,645.00Download
4.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-04-3093A Rice and Corn MillP 100,000.00Download
5. Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-04-315 ATambo Rice & Corn MillP 160,000.00Download
6.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-04-316Sto. Niño Farmers/CARP MPCP 419,000.00Download
7. Procurement of Household & BeddingsAPR # 100-20-04-306Viven MarketingP 18,425.00Download
8.Procurement of Supplies & EquipmentAPR # 100-20-04-308Dipolog Saver’s MartP 27,830.75Download
9.Procurement of LumberAPR # 100-20-04-307Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 3,744.46Download
10.Procurement of Sardines APR # 100-20-04-286Villaflores EnterprisesP 87,500.00Download
11.Procurement of Diesel FuelAPR # 100-20-04-294Mycann Petron Gasoline StationP 247,254.00Download
12.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-04-3153A Rice & Corn MillP 409,000.00Download
13. Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-04-314

Baroro Rice & Corn Mill

P 510,300.00Download
1.Procurement of Office SuppliesAPR # 100-20-04-265J Arbey EnterprisesP 10,170.00Download
2.Procurement of Drugs & APR # 100-20-04-267Bluedragon Pharmaceutical tradingP 210,466.00Download
3.Procurement of Commercial Rice APR #100-20-05-319Niños General MerchandiseP 1,612,500.00Download
4.Procurement of Commercial Rice APR # 100-20-05-326Sto. Niño Farmers CARP MPCP 150,000.00Download
5.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-333Sto. Niño Farmers CARP MPCP 99,000.00Download
6.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-3343 A Rice & Corn MillP 100,000.00Download
7.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-3353A Rice & Corn MillP 718,750.00Download
8.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-336Israel Agri TradingP 2,160,000.00Download
9.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 100-20-05-338Bluedragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 159,070.00Download
10.Procurement of CoolerAPR #  100-20-05-339Bluedragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 12,600.00Download
11.Procurement of Cover all with 95 MaskAPR # 100-20-05-340Bluedragon Pharmaceutical tradingP 77,500.00Download
12.Procurement of materials for Cot BedAPR # 100-20-05-343Viven MarketingP 21,960.00Download
13.Procurement of LumberAPR # 100-20-05-346Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 7,630.70Download
14.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-348Paragon MarketingP 1,050,000.00Download
15.Procurement of Cot bed materialsAPR # 100-20-05-349Viven MarketingP 76,125.00Download
16.Procurement of Construction MaterialsAPR # 100-20-05-350Dipolog Greatwall Construction SupplyP 10,886.00Download
17.Procurement of LumberAPR # 100-20-05-351Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 128,333.70Download
18.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 100-20-05-354Roy Plaza CorporationP 44,364.45Download
19.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-3583A Rice & Corn MillP 1,605,500.00Download
20.Procurement of Commercial riceAPR # 100-20-05-359Israel Agri TradingP 220,000.00Download
21.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 100-20-05-363Roy Plaza CorporationP 13,000.00Download
22.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 1–0-20-04-364 Villaflores EnterprisesP 2,460.00Download
23.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 100-20-05-368Baroro Rice & Corn StoreP 736,320.00Download

Procurement of Drugs & Medicine

APR # 100-20-05-369Farmacia NorhizaP 487,595.00Download

Procurement of Dressed Chicken

APR # 100-20-05-370Elim Agricultural SupplyP 1,980,000.00Download
1.Procurement of House hold ItemsAPR # 100-20-05-367J Arbey EnterprisesP 160,800.00Download
2.Procurement of Commercial RiceAPR # 300-20-06-4213A Rice & Corn MillP 2,193,500.00Download
3.Procurement of 2 Tubs ChlorineAPR # 100-20-05-347J Arbey EnterprisesP7,560.00Download
4.Procurement of Commercial Rice APR # 100-20-06-422Paragon MarketingP 856,000.00Download

Procurement of Construction Materials

APR # 100-20-04-261YSL EnterprisesP 23,913.00Download

Procurement of Drugs and Medicine

APR # 100-20-06-398G-Med MarketingP 398,827.80Download

Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment

APR # 100-20-06-397G-Med MarketingP 100-20-06-397Download

Procurement of Household Items

APR # 100-20-06-430J Arbey EnterprisesP 59,624.00Download

Procurement of Lumber

APR # 100-20-05-366Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 1,492.96Download

Procurement of Lumber

APR# 100-20-04-262Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 1,400.00Download

Procurement of Household Items

APR # 100-20-06-396Blue Dragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 119,770.00Download

Procurement of Drugs & Medicines

APR # 100-20-05-342Farmacia NorhizaP 370,647.00Download

Procurement of Medical Supplies

APR # 100-20-06-409Farmacia NorhizaP 365,450.00Download
Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 100-20-06-405Farmacia NorhizaP 365,450.00Download
Procurement of Supplies and MaterialsAPR # 300-20-06-413Dipolog Greatwall Construction Supply and General MerchandiseP 20,950.00Download
16.Procurement of Construction MaterialsAPR # 100-20-05-374Dipolog Greatwall Construction Supply and General MerchandiseP 33,729.00Download
1.Procurement of Oxygen Tank w/ ContentAPR # 100-20-06-263Zamboanga Peninsula Gas Corp.P 44,160.00Download
2.Procurement of Construction MaterialsAPR # 100-20-05-374Dipolog Greatwall and General MerchandiseP 33,729.00Download
1.Procurement of Construction SupplyAPR # 100-20-07-512Dipolog Greatwall Construction SupplyP 65,880.00Download
2.Procurement of Construction SupplyAPR # 100-20-08-528Dipolog Greatwall Construction SupplyP 192,424.00Download
3.Procurement of Drugs and MedicinesAPR # 100-20-07-506Farmacia NorhizaP 64,661.00Download
4.Procurement of Drugs and MedicineAPR # 100-20-07-501G-Med MarketingP 212, 700.00Download
5.Procurement of Medical SuppliesAPR # 100-20-04-496Blue Dragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 46,649.00Download
6.Procurement of Lumber (Quarantine Facility)APR # 100-20-08-527Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 7,139.70Download
7.Procurement of Lumber (Quarantine Facility)APR # 100-20-05-373Mias Lumber EnterprisesP 70,700.00Download
8.Procurement of Household SuppliesAPR # 100-20-07-500Blue Dragon Pharmaceutical TradingP 77,630.00Download
9.Procurement of Assorted Materials (Quarantine Facility)APR # 100-20-06-439Dipolog Greatwall and Construction SupplyP60,318.00Download
1.Procurement of Assorted GoodsAPR # 100-20-09-604Villaflores EnterprisesP 113,450.00Download